Special Support Scheme

The cats who are worked with under the Special Support Scheme have come to Millstream for various reasons and have not coped very well. Members of our staff and volunteers are working with each cat towards their individual needs to enable them to be rehomed.

The Special Support Scheme identifies five unique categories that might cause a cat to become a Support Cat. These are as follows:

  • Grief - If a cat is grieving, they may not show themselves in the best way when potential families come to visit them.
  • Long-term stray - If a cat has been a stray for a long time, then they may feel wary of humans and will need time to build up trust with humans once again.
  • Traumatisation - If a cat has been traumatised, either through abandonment, abuse or anything else, then they will need a lot of help to overcome the trauma and a very understanding home at the end of their rehabilitation.
  • Unsocialised - If a cat has missed out on the critical period of handling during their kittenhood, then they will need to learn how to deal with human contact and that it is something to be enjoyed rather than feared.
  • Brain condition - Some cats are born with a cranial quirk that means they need extra support. Overall, the cats in this category are uncommon, but the conditions we have encountered include slow development and a behavioural disorder that is not dissimilar to what is known as ADHD in humans.

Bob Cat
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In Foster