Adotping a Cat

These pages should help you to find out what you need or need to prepare when you want to adopt a cat. They will provide some information that you might think is obvious but we want to provide it anyway as it might help.

Adopting a cat or kitten from us means that you are helping us to continue doing our work by rescuing an animal in need. In order to adopt from us, you would need to come to the shelter during our opening hours to have a chat with a member of staff. Bring along any friends or family that also live in your home so that they can meet the cat, too. A member of staff will show you around the shelter and try to find a cat or kitten who matches your requirements and who the staff think will be suitable to live in your home. Not every household is suitable for every cat!

The adoption fees are as follows:

for a neutered and microchipped adult cat
for a flead and wormed kitten (unneutered and not microchipped)

Essentials you will need: (minimum)

Taking home a cat or kitten means that you will need to have certain things in your home so that your new companion can live comfortably.

This includes:
  • Cat food (wet and dry)
  • Cat bowls
    • one for wet food
    • one for dry food
    • one for water
  • Cat bed and/or blanket
  • Litter tray and cat litter
  • Cat toys
  • A secure carrier

We recommend that your new cat stays inside for at least three weeks when you take them home so that they can feel confident in their new home, and even longer if they are shy or unneutered.